Become a Male Escort

Become a Male Escort - How to Become a Male Escort and avoid the Male Escort Jobs scams.

Become a Male Escort - Get listed as an Independent Male Escort on the Male Escort Directory.

Here you will find details on How to Become a Male Escort and avoid the Male Escort Jobs scams.

Male Escorts listed on the Male Escort Directory keep 100% of their booking fees, we do not take a commission.

As an Independent Male Escort you do not work for us, you basically run your own Escort Business, using the Male Escort Directory as your shop window.

Please be sure to read everything on this page very carefully before completing the sign up form.


Become A Male Escort

Becoming a Male Escort – Who can become a Male Escort ?

Men of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and religions can become Male Escorts, you do not need to be George Clooney to Become a Male Escort.

Remember, clients come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, backgrounds, cultures and religions, and may not all be looking for the stereotype pretty boy Male Escort.

The main requirement of a Male Escort is Companionship, if you Become a Male Escort you will be required to accompany clients as their companion to various events such as dinner dates, social events and functions, weddings and maybe even weekend breaks.

Male Escort Jobs – Scams and how to avoid them.

Male Escort Jobs and scams - in recent years many 'would be Male Escorts' have been scammed by unscrupulous agencies, these agencies would charge the Escort a registration fee to sign up with them, sometimes several hundreds of pounds to Become a Male Escort, their get out clause would be in the small print, which would say something like "We can not guarantee that you will get work" etc.

There are some reputable agencies out there, but please beware of signing up with any agency that requires a hefty sign up fee, an agencies job should be to find you work & then make their money by taking an agreed commission per job, you should not be paying an agency to work for them, no matter how it is dressed up.

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The market for Male Escort services has Tripled in last five years

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Escort Etiquette – The Do’s and Dont’s

Do be attentive, courteous and polite at all times, be a gentlemen, open doors for ladies and pull out chairs for them in restaurants etc, show your client that chivalry is not dead.

Do Not spend time looking at your mobile phone during a date, do not take calls or reply to texts, remember clients are paying for your time and deserve your full attention, it may be a good idea to switch your phone to silent at the start of your date (but not before as the client may be trying to contact you), if you must check your phone then may be do it when you use the rest room.

Do be well dressed and well groomed, always make sure your shoes are clean, some say that shoes are the first thing a lady notices when talking to a man, with clothes stick to simple solid colours such as blacks, greys and browns and keep in mind that it’s better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed, dress code is something you should discuss with the client prior to the date.

Do Not be the Bling King, keep it simple, and look elegant and gentlemanly.

Do make polite conversation, ask questions or make statements of courtesy, like "How was your day", "May I help you?", "Let me get that for you" etc, make an effort to smile, to be friendly, and to make interesting small talk about how your day is going.

Do Not bring up controversial or uncomfortable topics during conversation, avoid politics and try to be neutral if someone else brings it up, a simple shrug will do wonders, a gentleman doesn't make other people uncomfortable, be focused more on being agreeable and making people feel comfortable than in proving that you’re right and that the other person’s opinions are worthless.


Q. How do i get paid ?

A. You are paid in cash in full at the start of the date.

Q. Am i expected to cover any of the costs during the date ?

A. No, the client should cover all of the costs during your date, for example - pay for any food or drinks etc, however you are expected to cover your own travel expenses to and from the date.

Q. How many bookings will i get ?

A. This depends mainly on the quality of your profile, how well you have written it and the quality of your photographs, it also depends on how many cities you can service, Google statistics show that nearly all Male Escort searches are by city.

Q. How will my bookings be arranged ?

A. The clients will contact you directly either by phone or email.

Q. Can i offer sexual services or extras ?

A. No, please keep this in mind that any money paid to you as an Escort is for your time and companionship only, however we are just an advertising directory, you do not work for us and what goes on between two or more consenting adults behind closed doors is out of our control and we accept no responsibility in promoting any type of prostitution.




The Best Areas to Become a Male Escort

The best areas to be a Male Escort are big cities, when advertising with us we don't just want to take your money if you have only a slim chance of getting bookings, for example if you live in John O'Groats then the chances are you will get no bookings, we believe honesty is the backbone of a quality directory.

The truth is if you live a long way from a city then you may struggle to get bookings, we know this as we have studied Google search results in fine detail.

When you sign up with us we will advertise your profile in up to four cities or areas of your choice to give you plenty of exposure, however if you can not service any of the major cities (which have the highest Male Escort searches) then you may find it difficult to get bookings.

We know through extensive research that the major cities & the more populated areas get the highest number of Google monthly searches for people searching for Male Escorts in the UK, we have constructed our directory on this data.

Your own Male Escort Business from under 23p per day

Get Listed

A listing on the Male Escort Directory gives you your own (fully search engine optimised) web page on the directory, you can list yourself in up to four cities/areas of your choice from the list of cities/areas on the site, you can have up to 6 photographs on your profile page & your page will also be mobile friendly.

We have three categories on the site which are "Male Escorts" - "Gay Escorts" & TS Escorts, the Straight Male Escorts will be listed under "Male Escorts", the Gay Escorts will be listed under "Gay Escorts" & the TS Escorts & Shemale Escorts will be listed under "TS Escorts", Bisexual Escorts will be listed in two categories "Male Escorts" & "Gay Escorts".

Advertising Costs:

90 Day Listing  (3 Months)  £30.00  Just over 33p per day
180 Day Listing  (6 Months)  £50.00  Just over 27p per day
360 Day Listing  (12 Months)  £80.00  Just over 22p per day

The Average Independent Male Escort charges around £95.00 per hour so just a 1 hour booking will more than cover your advertising for a year which is incredible value & a complete no brainer !