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Transgender Information

Transgender Transsexuals identify themselves as members of the sex opposite to that assigned at birth, and wish to live and be accepted as such.

Transsexuals may undergo gender transition, which is a process of aligning their gender expression or presentation with their internal gender identity.

The transition process may involve some kind of medical gender reassignment therapy and sometimes (but not always) will include hormone replacement therapy or sex reassignment surgery, also known as gender reassignment surgery.

Transgender references to "Pre-Operative", "Post-Operative" and "Non-Operative" Transsexuals indicate whether they have had, or are planning to have sex reassignment surgery.

A "Pre-Operative" Transexual or "Pre-Op" Transsexual is a person that has not yet had sex reassignment surgery and still retain the genitals they were born with.

A "Post-Operative" Transexual or "Post-Op" Transsexual is a person that has undergone sex reassignment surgery and now has the parts of the sex opposite to what they were born with.

The term "Non-Operative" Transsexual or "Non-Op" Transexual is widely debated in TS forums but is generally understood to be a Transsexual that does not wish to undergo surgery as a part of the transition.

Transgender on Wikipedia